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"Every human group takes its richness in communication, mutual aid and solidarity aiming at a common goal: respect for each other while respecting differences." Françoise Dolto

Promoting inclusion and breaking the isolation of immigrant seniors

Ampérâge is part of the Government’s overall policies to address all forms of elder abuse and to support its efforts to put in place mechanisms and tools to promote wellness.

Goal of the project

Highlight situations of abuse among immigrant seniors and ethnocultural minorities by ensuring that: 

Identify cases of abuse;
Break the isolation;
Promote social inclusion;
Promote intercultural rapprochement;
Strengthen bonds of trust and solidarity with the community.

Who is the project for ?

Immigrant seniors and other ethnocultural minorities in difficult situations.

Who's our partners ?

Community organizations, community coordinators, social workers, community organizers,
community worker at the neighbourhood station, volunteers, caregivers, volunteer action centres, etc.

How will we proceed?

  1. Identify places where older adults are likely to experience situations of abuse;
  2. Work with our partners to receive service requests or referrals;
  3. Make friendly phone calls to invite seniors to speak up and gain confidence in them to denounce any form of abuse or abuse (prevention, awareness and support);
  4. Organize, in collaboration with committed and trained volunteers, friendship visits using the “Going To Each Other” strategy;
  5. Facilitate face-to-face meetings by adopting the “Bring Yourself” strategy through socio-cultural and leisure activities;
  6. Referral and referencing to appropriate resources.

Match seniors with volunteers

  1. Know the profile of seniors (origin, culture, language, health status, etc.);
  2. Identify the needs and expectations of seniors and volunteers;
  3. Ensure an adequate match meeting the expectations of both parties;
  4. Coordinate and ensure proper operation of twinning activities.


Je désire m’impliquer dans le projet Ampérâge

Je désire m’impliquer dans le projet Ampérâge

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