Parents Space

For special moments between parents!

Parents space

Espace Parents is a series of workshops developed to understand the changes experienced by immigrant parents following their arrival in Quebec, and to respond to their needs so that they can thrive as parents in an immigrant context.

Good to know: The drop-in daycare service is free during the session.


Parents space workshops aim to boost parents' confidence in their ability to adapt, so that they can support their children in their integration into the host society. Numerous workshops are organized to help parents reflect on the impact of immigration on the family and to equip them for the integration process. Topics range from the impact of immigration on the family, to resources and support for parents, to winning strategies for supporting my child, and much more.

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19-04-2024 17:30 -19:30
Entretenir ma maison au naturel

Entretenir ma maison au naturel

23-04-2024 09:30 -11:30

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