Intercultural pairing

Making cultural diversity a force for the future

But what is intercultural pairing ?

Whether you are a native Quebecker or have just left your suitcases, Intercultural Pairing is for you!

Intercultural Pairing is the encounter and creation of a link between a newcomer or a newly arrived family in Quebec with a member or family of Quebec society.

Throughout your meetings, you will have the opportunity to:

Discuss and exchange on life in Quebec, life in the home country of your arriving twin, cultural differences and similarities…
Discover new places in the city, in the region
Cooking together, at one or the other
Have a variety of accessible and inexpensive outings: go for coffee, attend a festival…
If necessary, accompany the newcomer to the grocery store, show him how to move around the city, etc., so that he has more reference points in his new life.

Jumelage Interculturel AIEM

Why do intercultural pairing ?

Pairing is an opportunity to develop an egalitarian social relationship.

Thus, it allows you to:

Develop a friendly relationship

Discover another culture  

Diversify your social network

Gain a better understanding of immigration challenges

Facilitating the social, linguistic and cultural integration of newcomers

Making different cultures accessible to better understand them

Interested in intercultural pairing ?

The first thing to do is to complete the online registration by clicking on I want to participate at the bottom of the page! 

Our facilitator will be happy to give you more information about the match and have you fill out a form to better understand your profile (pastime, availability, etc.).

An information session is offered to candidates, to explain the characteristics of the match and the realities of each. 
The match is monitored by our organization for approximately 12 months. You can always stop the match if there is a problem (lack of availability, incompatibility, etc.).
However, you will need to discuss this with the facilitator beforehand.

Good pairing !


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